Stuff - Mostly pigeons

PictureI went out to the Spy Museum
PictureAnd took this picture of it
PictureAnd the picture on the opposite corner
PictureThis pigeon is interesting
PictureClouds always look so fake. Things don't just float around in the sky!
PictureDC is alawys in the middle of construction
PictureI took this one picture, and then was told that no cameras are allowed
PictureScrew that! I'm not going to a museum where I can't take pictures. I went to the CVS near my house and took pictures of pigeons instead
PictureMr. and Mrs. Pigeon running away
PictureMr. and Mrs. Pigeon running away
PictureAll these dumb pigeons do is run away
PictureThe dark evil forrest
PictureDucks that run away
PictureTaken at full zoom, so they're fuzzy
PictureA tree
PictureFilthy pond scum
PictureThe hidden pond
PictureThe hidden pond
PicturePond berries
PictureThe pond bridge
PictureThe hidden pond
PictureA David Ellison
PictureA fallen tree
PictureA dead stump
PictureThe hidden pond
PictureA photographer taking pictures of rabbits

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