Greensborro, North Carolina

PictureBaby Joseph sleeping in a drawer
PictureThe great O' Henry Hotel
PictureAnother one of those fake looking clouds
PictureThe front desk of the hotel
PictureThe front room of the hotel
PictureThe outdoor pool
PictureThe highway
PictureInside the elavator
PictureThe patio for eating outside, not that anyone would do that in this awful weather
PictureA guy
PictureMr. SideShow Bob: self picture
PictureSquishy dogs for the vet conference
PictureThe strech SUV
PictureNathan and his suit cases
PictureLittle ruth in a chair
PictureThe front sitting room
PictureGrand O' Henry
PictureThe convenient business center
PictureThe room setup
PictureThe hallway
PictureAnother elavator picture
PictureSarah, Nathan, and Micah trying to fix a tape
PictureTapes are so dumb. Nobody has to spend time putting the lines on CDs back together
PictureOld Grey Mary
PictureAnn working in the kitchen
PictureAnn and Tom
PictureGranny and Poppy
PictureNice flower arangement
PicturePoppy and Mary
PictureRachel, Ruth, and Ezra waiting in the living room
PicturePoppy and Jean
PictureJean and Joseph
PicturePlaying with the baby
PicturePlaying with the baby
PictureJessica is already sick of pictures and wants to hide all the time
PictureRachel attacking Mr. SideShow Bob
PictureSarah, Micah, and Joseph outside
PictureMaster Chef Tom in the kitchen making food
PictureOf course animal crackers are good too
PictureEzra eating animal crackers
PictureRachel is a piggy
PictureAnn and Zack
PictureHouse from outside
PicturePeople sitting on a fence
PictureDid I mention they're brass people on a brass fence?
PictureCompass, clock, etc
PictureGay looking boy on rock
PictureBog garden enterance
PictureBog garden means: hot humid swampy jungle
PicturePeople walking down the path
PictureSoon the path turns to mud and water
PictureJungle path
PictureA troll on the bridge
PictureActually a monkey
PictureMonkeys in the tree
PictureMonkeys in the tree
PictureA rachel monkey in a tree

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