Christmas 2002

PictureRuth with some stockings
PictureChriastmas Tree
PictureMicah and Ruth with their stockings
PictureMom talking about something
PictureMom making pizzas
PictureTime to open presents while the pizzas cook
PictureMicah has a present
PictureEzra and Micah watching Rachel and Sarah
PictureRuth, Sarah, and Rachel playing with Josephs new Christmas presents
PictureNathan and Mom
PictureRuth, Sarah, and Rachel around the presents
PictureSarah, Rachel, and Ezra hiding
PictureMicah opens the first present
PictureHe is very slow
PictureStill opening the present
PictureRuth opens a present
PictureRuth is slow too
PictureRuth gets a play station game
PictureRachel opens a card
PictureHurry up
PictureThe card was boring - on to the present!
PictureTastey foods
PictureMom opens a present
PictureShe has trouble with the paper
PictureThen trouble with the box
PictureThen trouble getting it out of the box
PictureIt's a christmas bowl
PictureI get a present to open. I am very fast, and finish before they can get more pictures. It is a video interview
PictureEzra opens a present
PictureHe is fast
PictureIt is a thing
PictureA UPS calculator
PictureMom gets a book: Mind over Fatter
PictureNathan gets the baby
PictureEzra gets a present. He is fast. It is a game - Max Payne something
PictureWe all open cards from Grandpa and Anne
PictureMicah opens another present
PictureMore Hickory Farms - Always a classic
PictureRachel gets fake eye lashes
PictureEzra opens a present for mom because she's so slow. It's flavoured hot chocolate and a mug
PictureNathan opens his present with slow, surgical precision
PictureHe is so slow
PictureIt's a baby ornament
PictureWe get a toaster oven from The Dread Pirate Robinson
PictureEzra looks at things
PictureThe pizzas are done, time to eat!
PictureNathan gets a high tech Canon Powershot G2 digital camera - YAY
PictureJoseph gets a balloon that was already his
PictureWe can look at pictures that Nathan took on his TV - so high tech
PictureJoseph watches TV like in Poltergeist (1982)

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